Selfmade, Frozen, Pre-Prepared?

We would definitely recommend to prepare your baby´s food fresh every day. It does not take really that long, especially after a while.

Preparing larger amounts and freezing them in small, meal-sized containers is no healthy option as deep-frozen foods - even when they´re heated up - destroy the digestive energy of your baby´s stomach, the 'digestive fire' or stomach qi as the chinese call it.

 To make it worse many parents follow the recommendation to microwave the frozen baby meals - creating a cancerous cocktail with no vital energy left whatsoever.

So if you´re really serious about your baby´s health and wellbeing there´s no way around preparing your own baby food everyday - just as you do it for yourself.

Watching your baby enjoy the meal you've just prepared for him/her using superior foods is already a very gratifying experience. On top of that, however, you have the satisfaction and pride of knowing that you're giving your child the gift of a REALLY healthy, beneficial and nutritious diet - and saving yourself money as well.

And finally...

If all that weren't enough, here's another great reason: healthy home-made baby food is much tastier than any commercial product. Delicious food is one of life's great pleasures and your baby deserves to enjoy the rich flavor and texture of real home cooking just as much as you or I do.
After all, none of us would enjoy eating 'TV Dinners' morning, noon and night - and that goes for your baby too!


For a comprehensive "how to" with food lists and recipes please see the baby food program.

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