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GOODBABYFOOD.com is an industry-independent resource designated to help parents find the most beneficial nutrition for their baby today - in order to make it a happy, healthy and smart child

It´s easy once you know what to do...

We have made it our focus to helping parents understand how nutrition affects their baby´s health - depending on if they make the right choices.
 Choices that sometimes even stand against popular beliefs or “scientifically proven” “truths”.

It´s about a natural way in our modern world. About how taking one step back to nature can make you surpass today’s poor standard nutrition by far.

If you really think and believe that using baby formula or jarred foods is the best option for your child - well - then we have to be a little in your face and say

"No, it´s not!"

As you know the big food companies mould the public opinion in their favour about what is good and bad, healthy and unhealthy food, using sponsored research and scientists who accept industrial "fundings" - and of course most doctors and nutritionists who believe and repeat all these "scientifically proven truths" willingly.

This in turn influences most of what is published and written in books, magazines, on the internet, what you see on TV or hear from friends, your MD or other “experts” like nutritionists or even personal trainers. And of course the FDA plays a very special role.

This is sad but true for nutrition and health in general as well as for the subject of baby food in particular.


"Be willing to see the truth. To deal effectively with environment, we must be willing to acknowledge the truth about it.
Only when we understand what it is can we respond appropriately."

Dr. Maxwell Maltz

 Now you might say “but how do I know what´s true and who´s right"?

We´re with you.

Just educate yourself a little. This prevents you from having to believe everything you see and hear.

All you need to find is a resource of good and independent information.

Which you just have. But please don´t just believe, neither "them" nor us, start to think independently, have an open mind, trust your gut feeling and convince yourself.

See our articles and resources section and make up your own mind about the choices you make for yourself and your child based on that information.

If you´re really serious (and want it in an easy, how-to style) you might want to take a look at our Baby Food Program created by my german colleague and personal food coach Dr. Fischer. 

In it you will learn about the guidelines he has developed raising his own son and which have successfully been followed by more than 1000 parents worldwide.

I believe it's one of the most valuable and helpful resources available today. You´ll learn exactly how to feed your baby in every stage in a natural, healthy way, providing foods that promote vitality, health and the proper development of body functions and the brain.

It also reveals which popular baby foods you should rather avoid for better health and wellbeing of your child.

So if you feel that jarred baby food and baby-formula are not the best possible option - and that "make your own baby food"-information and baby food recipes including deep-freezing and/or microwaving could be hazardous - then the baby food program is right for you.

After all, YOU have the choice!

And with choice comes responsibility - it´s not about yourself here, it´s about your child.

So if you have the choice between average and excellent - and excellent is an option - why would you go for average?


Wishing you and your baby all the best,

Dr. Danilo Silva

& the goodbabyfood-team




The Baby Food Program

- a holistic step-by-step guide to your baby´s first foods,
complete with feeding-schedule, detailed food-lists and the only 4 necessary baby food recipes for the first 36 months of your baby´s life...

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